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How meditation can improve your health and wellbeing !

Meditation is about finding cosmos in the chaos. The technique to reach the final destiny- The Self.

Indians are blessed with the practice of meditation (Dhyana) since the ancient Vedic times, but unfortunately, in the process of Westernization we are forgetting our roots.

On the other hand, with tremendous number of benefits contributed to the health, meditation is now getting popularity in the West. Research has confirmed innumerable health benefits associated with meditation.

It also helps increase the grey matter in the brain (the part of the brain which controls muscle control, senses, memory, emotions, speech, decision making and self-control) are few to name.

A study investigated that long-term meditators have significantly younger body age. In simple words, meditation can improve the metabolism of the body and slow down the internal aging process.

Let’s understand how exactly meditation works!

According to ancient Vedic Science, we humans are made up of three aspects and each of them have an associated functioning:

Physical Body

Outer skin to inner vital organs.

Inner faculty

The working and changing consciousness which consist of

  1. Mind: The one which processes sensory information and see things in pair of opposite, for example, happy or sad, good or bad, pleasure or pain etc.
  2. Intellect: The ability to analyse, discriminate decide and judge.
  3. Ego: The sense of doing something and experiencing.
  4. Chitta: The storage of all memories of life.

Deep Inner Self

The nonchanging pure consciousness which unites the activity of all the inner faculties. This deep inner self is the source of all knowledge, intelligence, creativity and all-natural laws that protect existence.

These three are inter-connected and depend on each other with feedback mechanism where deep inner self activates the inner faculty which in turn activates physical body with the help of meditation. Hence it is important to connect with the deep inner self which is possible only with the help of meditation.

Various forms of Meditation you can explore!

  1. Mantra Meditation: It is also known as Transcendental meditation or Japa meditation.
  2. Tratak Meditation: Tratak means to gaze. Bindu, Murti, Jyoti, Surya etc.
  3. Metta Meditation: Metta means positive energy and kindness towards everyone else including all the living beings.


The word Vipassana means insight or clear vision. This is also known as Mindfulness meditation.

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